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Dayawati Modi Academy

Information About School Dayawati Modi International

Established in year 1983, the school derives its name from Rai Bahadurni Dayawati Modi Shiromani, mother of our chairman, the school has established a name of itself as one of the most prestigious schools in the city of Meerut.

About School Dayawati Modi International

Since its inception DMI at NH 58 Modipuram on Meerut, is a sanctuary of learning. Designed aesthetically and located centrally , it is just 6 km away from the city of Meerut and is far from the din and hub of city life. Affiliated to CBSE Delhi, the  school has a sprawling campus spread over 7 acres of salubrious expanse rich in calm, and picturesque surroundings, offering an amicable and suitable environment conducive to all academic pursuits.

Dayawati Modi International school is part of a K-12 school running in three different age appropriate campuses so that students of preschool or even primary school are able to explore their talents without influence of elder students, whether in the field of studies, social cultures or even technological trends. The idea of segregating children as per different age groups stems from the thought that children should be given right kind of environment and infrastructure to flourish and help them achieve their potential.
DMI runs for classes Nursery to VI in two different campuses just separated by a distance of half a kilometer. DMI Maple Bear Canadian Pre School houses three classes from Nursery to KG. Second link of this K-12 school Dayawati Modi International houses students from Classes I to VI.
The Maple Bear Early Child Program for classes Nursery to KG and Maple Bear Elementary program for classes I to III has been running successfully for last six years providing a practical and experiential learning.


Our Mission

To impart quality and create a spirit of excellence enabling the students to brace all challenges of life as well as, be conscious of our rich cultural heritage.

Our Vision

"Institution of learning with a conducive environment nurturing the growth of an overall personality imbued with the Right Value System to develop 'Responsible Adults'

Goals for each  DMIite

The school endeavors to produce successful, effective adolescents who should be:

1. Thinking individuals capable of self expression. articulate well spoken and able to converse in languages of communication or
scientific and mathematical languages.

2. Productive workers who realise that work is not only a means of survival, but a part of identity and consider successful graduation from school only the first step.

3. Ethical human beings who can perceive Intelligently, are honest and caring and have a positive sense of global citizenship.

Principal's Message


"The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to the use of its own power rather than fill it with the accumulation of others"

-Tryon Edward
The Academy strives for excellence in all walks of child education and hence offers a comprehensive package of activities in its gamut to draw out the best potential. Every child is endowed with creativity and inborn talent. These inherent intrinsic qualities are best tapped through the multifarious and myriad opportunities provided to them. The school also focuses on such comprehensive educational system that fortifies the tender minds into progressive, tech - savvy yet rooted in our rich cultural heritage, individuals.
May the Academy continue its exhilarating journey towards Excellence.
In this fast paced world, the role of education becomes very crucial as it requires to mould a child into an individual capable of contributing by effectively not only to society but also to the world community at large. Children today must taught to think than merly to remember facts.
Education is soul of society that passes from one generation to another.

DR. RITU DEWAN , Principal