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Association with Microsoft


The challenge for education in the 21st Century is to create an education approach that is agile, adaptable and in-tune with the lives of students outside of the classroom and their future employability. We believe education leaders need to create conditions that allow students to be deeply involved with real-world problems, using real-world tools in as close to real-world conditions as possible.

The core objective of the Microsoft Digital Learning Program is to create immersive and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulate development of essential life skills and support educators in guiding and nurturing student passions. Via this program, we aim to empower educators and students to teach and learn through exploration, to adapt to individual learning needs, so they can make, design, invent and build with technology. All in all, the aim of the project is to enable anytime, anywhere learning.

Program Execution

As part of the program a Digital Learning Classroom was set up in the school. The classrooms set up shall have all ICT teaching and learning resources and shall help students and teachers make their teaching learning experience engaging and interactive. First step of the program implementation was distribution of tablets to both students and teachers.

Microsoft deputed a resource person through (Juana Technologies) to run the Digital Learning Program, schedule classes and train teachers and students on digital technologies at your school for one month from the start date of implementation of the Program in the school.

Through one on one learning program students experienced personalized learning through latest tools in technology such as Office 365 education, One note etc.


We are a Microsoft School & Microsoft Aspire School.

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