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Dayawati Modi Academy

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Growing Library

The school library is central to learning that has a comprehensive collection of 3000+ books for students. The vast collection ranges from story books, reference and academic books, audio-visual materials, and journals and periodicals. Besides this, educational CDs, newspapers, magazines and reference materials are also available on various subjects.

The ambience of school library offers a perfect place for serious study and a peaceful place for light reading. The computers installed in the school library allow children to access online study material anytime. Each student is assigned with a library card and books are issued to the students through library management system. The books in library are managed by a qualified librarian who assists students in the selection of books appropriate for their age and standard.

Our digital library has a computerized resource encyclopedia with latest e-books and wide range of magazines from national and international publications. Handbooks, manuals, prescribed NCERT books and a wide range of educational software and revision kits grace the library and fulfill the purpose of learning. Each student is issued with a library card and books are issued to them through an online library management system.